About Us

Our Strength and Experience

Sheetal Thakur, founder of Freedom 2 Be started in the travel industry as a fresher in Kuoni Travels, and moved on to wildlife, mountaineering, trekking and trip leading. She has got varied experience of 12 years in this Industry, right from trekking in the Himalayas to being a trip leader and leading inbound groups all over India. Freedom 2 Be has grown steadily over the past years and we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. A large percentage of our bookings are from repeat clientele while much of our new business is from word of mouth recommendations.

We conduct offbeat trips throughout India, where we explore new places, make new friends. We believe in making these trips fun filled, adventurous and memorable…

We try to include off beat destinations wherever we can, so that one can be away from the crowd and explore the unexplored. We offer a diverse range of trips to cover almost all adventure sports.

Our team has the expertise, experience and excellence in conducting adventure trips in a professional, pragmatic and pleasing manner with special attention to the safety and security of women. Our strength lies in providing comfortable journeys in the most difficult terrain while adhering to all safety and environmental friendly norms.

Gather a group of friends, or simply come on your own and make new friends – Freedom 2 be is all about having fun and experiencing LIFE!!!

Our Trip Leaders

Given a chance and if time permits, Sheetal loves to lead most of the trips. But we also have other trip leaders who are highly experienced and we have uncompromisingly high expectations from them. Our dedicated team of Mountain Guides are well educated and fully trained in their respective areas of work. They have undergone extensive training in mountaineering, first-aid, rescue and scaled peaks in Himalayas. With their wealth of first hand experience and knowledge, they strive to make your journey a memorable experience. Not only showing monuments and places to take photos, they also take care of you in every step and assist you in interacting with the local inhabitants of the area you visit. They are well trained to handle the contingencies (if any) due to unforeseen circumstances.

Associate agents

We have our associate agents all over India who provide us local services and assistance. We never compromise with services and all our local agents are well aware of the standards that we expect from them.

Small Groups – the way to go !

When it comes to group size, the smaller the better! We have a strict limit of just 14 people in any group. So that after a few days it feels more like travelling with a bunch of friends than travelling on a tour. Small groups ensure minimal impact on the places we visit and the people we meet.

It also means we have the flexibility to use an incredible variety of transport and accommodation that is simply impractical for bigger groups.

What we offer :

Fixed date departures We offer two kinds of fixed date departure trips, one exclusively for women and the other open to all.  We try to include off-beat destinations wherever we can, so that  you can be away from the crowd and explore the unexplored. These are small group tours to most exciting destinations. Knowledgeable guides, carefully-selected accommodations, the best hiking routes and destinations, along with flawless planning, together creates an ideal holiday to be enjoyed in the company of like-minded travelers.

Tailor-made Holidays is a unique experience designed to suit your own personal requirements. Regional specialists are on hand to guide you in choosing your itinerary, style of accommodation, mode of transport and those special touches you want to add to make your trip perfect – maybe a village home-stay or a local cultural program. Tailor-made is all about offering flexibility and matching your tastes.

How it works

Just choose your destination, activity, departure date and travelling companions . . . and let us do the rest! Any of F2B’s standard programs can be adapted to suit your needs. Or we can design a totally new trip to your specifications. Just send us an e-mail with a brief description of the holiday you’re looking for. We’ll put our experience, in-depth knowledge and personalized service to design the trip for you.

Special trips for Corporates & Schools

F2B has developed some Outdoor learning programs in the Himalayas, for both Corporates & Schools. These programs are aimed at helping participants to evolve innovative strategies that help them to manage, create and ultimately become the change that they seek.

For Corporate : We have wilderness trekking & some interesting outbound training programs

For Schools: We offer special camping with adventure activities & customized adventure trips.

Value for Money

In association with our various associate offices throughout the area of operation, we are constantly looking for the best facilities, hotel prices that can consolidate into competitive holiday value. Your holiday means a great deal to you, and it means a lot to us to give you a good deal.

Please let us quote you without obligation!

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