All Women Trips

Our women trips are meant for adventurous women who wants to explore India with like minded women, while being part of small groups and follow structured itineraries.

Our travelers come from all walks of life. Women who love to travel to new places, but may not have a travel partner; the choice of travelling in a very large group may not appeal; neither does the option of traveling independently ! Our small group tours offer the perfect solution, are a lot of fun and a great way to make new and lasting friends, while seeing India !

Our carefully created itineraries includes easy treks in Himalayas, homestays & village walks, leisure wildlife trips, yoga wellness retreats, sailing down the Ganges, forts & palaces of Mughal era and much more.

What makes us different ? 

  • We acknowledge that a travel group of women has special interests and we design our trips keeping this in mind.
  • Our trip leaders are mostly women, who are knowledgeable and have vast experience of all the areas we cover.
  • F2B trips do not have rigid and strenuous itineraries, as we strongly believe that enjoyment over-rides tight schedules. There is enough unstructured time to make your own discoveries. We are more adaptable!
  • Our trips include scheduled activities like leisurely hikes through picturesque countryside, in-home visits with local women to learn at first-hand about their lifestyle and aspirations, Special interest tours for photography, yoga, pottery etc


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