Two Chimneys – Kumaon


Every old house come soaked in myth. So is this century old house which had its fair share. In the 1890s the beautiful wife of a British army officer fell in love with the area and decided to put out roots. The entire hillside belonged to her. She chose the best spot to site her house – which is today Two Chimneys.

 Legend envelops the place. It is said Gandhiji had tea here in 1936 on his way to the Bhowali sanatorium to see Kamala Nehru; and Jim Corbett was a friend of the lady of the house and often came visiting.

The current owners have converted the dainty cottage into a beautiful living space, a home away from home for you. Treat it as a bed & breakfast or a lodge where you can spend a few days de-stressing. They are in Nainital district, but comfortably away from the clutter.


The owners have worked very hard to make it a place where you are able to retire from the stress of life for some time. They offer a cuisine, memories of which you will take back home. They offer you a space to live within Nainital, but away from the clutter at the same time. Their rooms are spacious and tastefully designed and they promise you an experience that you will want to repeat.

They have 04 suites & 03 rooms to offer to the guests.


The Goat Shed

It was originally where the goats were tied – an adjunct to the main house to keep them safe from the panther. The name’s the same, but the space has been transformed into a warm glowing suite, allowing in pouring sun, looking on to greenery everywhere.


The Olive Room

 This room gets its name from an olive tree brought as a sapling from Italy. A cozy double room with a pristine white bathroom, and mother of pearl lights, and the shimmer and splash of water outside.


 The Oak Suite

A luxurious suite, with a private lawn and a bright sun-room, a happy family place.

Lie on the bed and watch the sun set or the twinkling lights of the Jeolikot valley. Bathe in the old stone-walled bathroom or walk down the private steps to the path leading to Land’s End. Perhaps the best sited suite in the lodge.


 The Study Room

 Originally planned as a study, this quaint room has an old cottage charm, with a fireplace and a private sit-out that has a scintillating view of the valley. A lovely all-stone bathroom with a fig tree in it and glass walls gives the feeling of being out in the open. Just the room for a happy couple.


 The Deodar Suite

 A capacious suite with a bedroom, a sitting room, a sprawling bathroom overlooking the Bhumiadar valley, and a gorgeous sun-kissed loft. Outside the windows of the sitting room stands the 200-year-old deodar.


 The Willow Suite

Running a span from the heart of the house to its outer edge. Its bedroom overlooks the Olive Court and The Deck while the sitting room provides a grandstand view of the Bhumiadar valley. A small, cosy sleeping loft, accommodates two children, while a private balcony offers sun and breeze. Perfect for a family of two or four.


 First Things

The first lived-in room in the house, all wood, with royal beds. A huge, stunning loft with stand-up windows with a view of Nainital and The Deck. Lie in the tub in the finest bathroom in the house and overlook the Jeolikot valley.



Two Chimneys Lodge offers numerous large open spaces where guests can play, read, relax or simply lounge around. From lush Charbagh style gardens to a central wooden deck with swimming pool, Two Chimneys Lodge is well facilitated to offer an enjoyable holiday experience. The guest house also boasts of a library.

Bird watching

Gethia is a heaven for birdwatchers. The surroundings at Two Chimneys are so peaceful and serene that you can find several rare species of birds. Avid birdwatchers can spend their time interacting with nature right from the lodge itself.

Please Note There is no power backup at Two Chimneys Lodge.
Internet Facility: Not Available 


Two Chimney is located in Nainital district of Kumaon region (UTTARAKHAND). You can reach there by Road / Rail / Air



By Road:

325 km from Delhi ( 7/8 hours)


By Rail:

Ranikhet Express starts from Old Delhi Railway station at around 10.30 p.m and reaches Kathgodam (last station).by 5 a.m. It is a comfortable overnight journey but you need to book well intime to get confirmed air conditioned births. Taxis will come up to Gethia readily. Distance from Kathgodam to Gethia is 24 km


By Air :

The nearest airport is Pantnagar, about 70 kilometer from Gethia. Private carriers make regular flights from Delhi to Pantnagar. From Pant nagar to Gethia is a comfortable two hour drive by taxis.



Village and P.O. – Gethia
House no -1,Chinkuwa
District Nanital



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