Experiential learning for Schools

Learning can — and should — be fun, to maximize the motivation potential of every student. Many of today’s younger generation, left to their own devices, are content to sit watching TV and playing computer games. At Freedom 2 Be they’ll learn the fullest benefits of physical exercise and enjoy testing their stamina.

They will be learning through experience. Here, the outcome is less important that the process. If the outcome is not correct it is not a failure. Learning is provided as a fun, active, exhilarating experience.

“Outdoor Education is the blending of both adventure and environmental approaches into a program of activities or experiences. Through exposure to the outdoor setting, individuals learn about their relationship with the natural environment, relationships between the various concepts of natural ecosystems, and personal relationships with others and with their inner self.” (Priest, 1986)



We have found that children after spending time on our programs are more confident, more understanding, more compassionate, more forgiving, more trusting and therefore better human beings.
The trips provide exposure and make the children aware of their surroundings and they also learn the interdependence between human and nature.



Freedom 2 be endeavors to provide challenging adventures for students while maintaining the highest levels of expedition safety throughout.

On our expeditions / Adventures an important part of the personal development journey is making mistakes and learning from them. We have experienced instructors who have years of experience of managing student travel and ensuring that learning can take place with the minimum of risk.

Indoors or out, all of these activities take place in a controlled, safe environment with equipment that is always carefully inspected. All activities only occur under the watchful eyes and involvement of highly trained staff.