Wilderness Learning (Age Group: 12 – 17 yrs)

Combining practical outdoor skills and teamwork, Wilderness learning helps young people to reconnect with the environment, gain a better understanding of nature and build their confidence in the great outdoors.

Wilderness learning is an exciting module that teaches young people a wide range of bushcraft skills necessary to survive in a wilderness scenario. Young people are encouraged to think and understand which elements can be utilised in conjunction with newly acquired skills such as learning to construct a shelter, safely lighting a campfire using natural materials, make a fire with bow drill and cook a variety of meals outdoors.

By working together in teams, Bushcraft also teaches important life skills such as resilience, communication, problem solving, creativity and overcoming personal challenges.

Learning outcomes

  • Develops self-confidence using the great outdoors.
  • Supports personal development, important life skills and growth.
  • Develops an understanding of our relationship with the natural environment and the role it plays.
  • Helps young people work creatively to solve a series of challenging problems.
  • Teaches practical bushcraft, survival and teamwork skills.


  • Making fire (bow drill technique).
  • Lighting a camp fire.
  • Construct a shelter.
  • Cook a meal.
  • Survival techniques.
  • Route-finding, navigation, map reading, compass use.
  • Understanding of regional environmental issues.
  • Wilderness ethics and practices for everyday life.